Victory Reports:

God is moving powerfully in Denver, CO with Pastor Anthony Perez.

Categories: Victory Reports

We started the revival on Wednesday and immediately God began pouring out His spirit. In that first service 5 people gave their lives to Jesus. One of the ladies that received Jesus also came up for healing in her lower back and legs. I led her through a prayer of forgiveness and immediately her pain left her! A number of other people received healing as well from different sicknesses and pains. One evening I made a call for others to be healed, and as I was praying for people, a lady in the church was suffering with tinnitus (ringing and pressure in her ears) but she didn’t go up for healing and she reported that as I was praying for those at the altar her ears miraculously opened and there was no more pressure or pain or ringing! Throughout the revival 15 people gave their lives to Jesus, many words were given and the church was challenged, encouraged and strengthened.

God’s spirit was poured out powerfully during this time, and it was evident to all those who were present, as people were getting saved, healed, delivered, and slain in the spirit. When I prayed for people to get filled with the Holy Ghost, the people that came up to get filled got filled even before I laid my hands on them as they began speaking loudly in tongues! This church has been experiencing a move of God even before this revival, but Pastor Perez told me that this revival was a timely revival. Keep Pastor Anthony, Desiree and their daughters in prayer.